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Unified Definition

Adjective: unified  'yoo-nu,fId

  1. Formed or united into a whole
    - incorporate, incorporated, integrated, merged
  2. Operating as a unit
    "a unified utility system";
    - coordinated, co-ordinated, interconnected
Verb: unify  'yoo-nu,fI
  1. Become one
    "Germany unified officially in 1990";
    - unite, merge
  2. To bring or combine together or with something else
    "resourcefully he unified music and dance";
    - mix, mingle, commix, amalgamate
  3. Bring together for a common purpose, action, ideology or in a shared situation
    - unite
  4. Act or bring together for a common purpose or belief
    - unite
  5. Join or combine
    "We unified our resources";
    - unite, merge
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