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Uneasy Definition

Adjective: uneasy (uneasier,uneasiest)  ,ún'ee-zee

  1. Lacking a sense of security or affording no ease or reassurance
    "farmers were uneasy until rain finally came"; "uneasy about his health"; "gave an uneasy laugh"; "uneasy lies the head that wears the crown"; "an uneasy coalition government"; "an uneasy calm"; "an uneasy silence fell on the group"
  2. Lacking or not affording physical or mental rest
    "she fell into an uneasy sleep";
    - restless
  3. Causing or fraught with or showing anxiety
    "spent an uneasy night waiting for the test results";
    - anxious, nervous, queasy, unquiet
  4. Socially uncomfortable; unsure and constrained in manner
    "was always uneasy with strangers";
    - awkward, ill at ease
  5. Relating to bodily unease that causes discomfort
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