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Takeaway Definition

Noun: takeaway  'teyk-u,wey

  1. A concession made by a labour union to a company that is trying to lower its expenditures
  2. The act of taking the ball or puck away from the team on the offence (as by the interception of a pass)
  3. [Brit] Prepared food that is intended to be eaten off of the premises
    - takeout [N. Amer], takeout food [N. Amer]
Verb: take away  teyk u'wey
  1. Remove from a certain place, environment, or mental or emotional state; transport into a new location or state
    - bear off, bear away, carry away, carry off
  2. Move or change something to no longer be present or in its previous position; also used metaphorically
    "take away a threat";
    - remove, take, withdraw
  3. Take out or remove
    "take away the chicken after adding the vegetables";
    - take out
  4. Take from a person or place
  5. Buy and consume food from a restaurant or establishment that sells prepared food
    "We'll take away pizza, since I am too tired to cook";
    - take out [N. Amer]
  6. Get rid of something abstract
    "God takes away your sins";
    - remove
  7. Take away a part from; diminish
    "His bad manners take away from his good character";
    - detract
Adjective: take-away  'teyk-u,wey
Usage: Brit
  1. Of or involving food to be taken and eaten off the premises
    "'take-away' is chiefly British";
    - takeout [N. Amer]
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