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Tailored Definition

Adjective: tailored  tey-lu(r)d

  1. Severely simple in line or design
    "a neat tailored suit"; "tailored curtains";
    - trim
  2. (of clothing) custom-made
    - bespoke [Brit], bespoken, made-to-order, tailor-made, made-to-measure
Verb: tailor  tey-lu(r)
  1. Adjust to a specific need or market
    "tailor your needs to your surroundings";
    - orient
  2. (fashion) Style or make in a certain fashion
    "tailor a dress";
    - cut
  3. Create (clothes) with cloth
    "Can the seamstress tailor me a suit by next week?";
    - sew, tailor-make
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