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Safety Definition

Noun: safety  seyf-tee

  1. The state of being certain that adverse effects will not be caused by some agent under defined conditions
    "insure the safety of the children"; "the reciprocal of safety is risk"
  2. A safe place
    "He ran to safety";
    - refuge
  3. A device designed to prevent injury or accidents
    - guard, safety device
  4. (baseball) the successful act of striking a baseball in such a way that the batter reaches base safely
    - base hit
  5. Contraceptive device consisting of a sheath of thin rubber or latex that is worn over the penis during intercourse
    - condom, rubber [N. Amer], safe, prophylactic, French letter [Brit], johnny [Brit], protective
  6. (American football) a score in American football; a player is tackled behind his own goal line
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