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Quiet Definition

Adjective: quiet (quieter,quietest)  kwI-ut

  1. Characterized by an absence or near absence of agitation or activity
    "a quiet life"; "a quiet throng of onlookers"; "quiet peace-loving people"; "the factions remained quiet for almost 10 years"
  2. Free of noise or uproar; or making little if any sound
    "a quiet audience at the concert"; "the room was dark and quiet"
  3. Not showy or obtrusive
    "clothes in quiet good taste";
    - restrained
  4. In a softened tone
    "a quiet reprimand";
    - hushed, muted, subdued
  5. (of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves
    "the quiet waters of a lagoon";
    - placid, still, tranquil, smooth, unruffled
  6. (of the sun) characterized by a low level of surface phenomena like sunspots
Noun: quiet  kwI-ut
  1. A period of calm weather
    - lull
  2. An untroubled state; free from disturbances
    - tranquillity, tranquility
  3. The absence of sound
    "the street was quiet";
    - silence
  4. A disposition free from stress or emotion
    - repose, placidity, serenity, tranquillity, tranquility
Verb: quiet  kwI-ut
  1. Become quiet or quieter
    - quieten [Brit], hush, quiesce, quiet down, pipe down
  2. Make calm or still
    "quiet the dragons of worry and fear";
    - calm, calm down, tranquilize [N. Amer], tranquillize, tranquillise [Brit], quieten [Brit], lull, still
Adverb: quiet  kwI-ut
  1. With little or no activity or no agitation ('quiet' is a nonstandard variant for 'quietly')
    "sit here as quiet as you can";
    - quietly
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