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Narrow Definition

Adjective: narrow (narrower,narrowest)  ner-ow [N. Amer], na-row [Brit]

  1. Not wide
    "a narrow bridge"; "a narrow line across the page"
  2. Limited in size or scope
    "the narrow sense of a word"
  3. Lacking tolerance, flexibility or breadth of view
    "a brilliant but narrow-minded judge"; "narrow opinions";
    - narrow-minded
  4. Very limited in degree
    "won by a narrow margin"; "a narrow escape"
  5. Characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination
    "a narrow scrutiny";
    - minute
Verb: narrow  ner-ow [N. Amer], na-row [Brit]
  1. Make or become more narrow or restricted
    "The selection was narrowed"; "The road narrowed";
    - contract, neck
  2. Define clearly
    "I cannot narrow down the rules for this game";
    - pin down, peg down, nail down, narrow down, specify
  3. Become more focus on an area of activity or field of study
    - specialize, specialise [Brit], narrow down
  4. Become tight or as if tight
    "Her throat narrowed";
    - constrict, constringe
Noun: narrow  ner-ow [N. Amer], na-row [Brit]
  1. A narrow strait connecting two bodies of water
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