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Names Definition

Noun: names  neymz

  1. Verbal abuse; a crude substitute for argument
    "sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me";
    - name calling
Noun: name  neym
  1. A language unit by which a person or thing is known
    "his name really is George Washington"; "those are two names for the same thing"
  2. A person's reputation
    "he wanted to protect his good name"
  3. Family based on male descent
    "he had no sons and there was no one to carry on his name";
    - gens
  4. A well-known or notable person
    "they studied all the great names in the history of France";
    - figure, public figure
  5. By the sanction or authority of
    "halt in the name of the law"
  6. A defamatory or abusive word or phrase
    - epithet
  7. [UK] An investor in Lloyds of London bearing unlimited liability
Verb: name  neym
  1. Assign a specified (usually proper) name to
    "They named their son David"; "The new school was named after the famous Civil Rights leader";
    - call
  2. Give the name or identifying characteristics of; refer to by name or some other identifying characteristic property
    "Many senators were named in connection with the scandal";
    - identify
  3. Charge with a function; charge to be
    "She was named Head of the Committee";
    - nominate, make
  4. Create and charge with a task or function
    "name a committee";
    - appoint, nominate, constitute
  5. Mention and identify by name
    "name your accomplices!"
  6. Make reference to
    "His name was mentioned in connection with the invention";
    - mention, advert, bring up, cite, refer
  7. Classify or apply the appropriate name to, e.g. in botany or biology
    - identify, discover, key, key out, distinguish, describe
  8. Give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of
    "name the states west of the Mississippi";
    - list
  9. Determine or distinguish the nature of a problem or an illness through a diagnostic analysis
    - diagnose
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