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Labored Definition

Adjective: labored  ley-burd
Usage: US (elsewhere: laboured)

  1. Lacking natural ease
    "a labored style of debating";
    - laboured [Brit, Cdn], strained
  2. Requiring or showing effort
    "the subject made for labored reading";
    - heavy, laboured [Brit, Cdn]
Verb: labor  ley-bur
Usage: US (elsewhere: labour)
  1. Strive and make an effort to reach a goal
    "She labored for years to make a decent living";
    - tug, labour [Brit, Cdn], push, drive, sweat
  2. Work hard
    "Lexicographers labor all day long";
    - labour [Brit, Cdn], toil, fag, travail, grind, drudge, dig, moil [N. Amer]
  3. Undergo the efforts of childbirth
    - labour [Brit, Cdn]
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