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Halting Definition

Adjective: halting  hol-ting [N. Amer], hol-ting or hól-ting [Brit]

  1. Disabled in the feet or legs
    - crippled, halt [archaic], lame, gimpy [N. Amer], game
  2. Fragmentary or halting from emotional strain
    "uttered a few halting words of sorrow"
Verb: halt  holt [N. Amer], holt or hólt [Brit]
  1. Cause to stop
    "Halt the engines"; "halt the presses";
    - hold, arrest
  2. Come to a halt, stop moving
    "the car halted";
    - stop
  3. Prevent from happening or developing
    "Halt the process";
    - stop, block, kibosh
  4. Stop the flow of a liquid
    "halt the tide";
    - stem, stanch [N. Amer], staunch
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