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Cabbage Definition

Noun: cabbage  ka-bij

  1. Any of various cultivars of the genus Brassica oleracea grown for their edible leaves or flowers
    - cultivated cabbage, Brassica oleracea
  2. Any of various types of cabbage
    - chou
  3. [US] Informal term for money
    - boodle, bread, clams [US], dinero [N. Amer], dough, gelt, kale [US], lettuce [US], lolly [Brit], lucre, loot, moolah [N. Amer], pelf [archaic], scratch, shekels, simoleons [US], sugar, wampum [N. Amer], wonga [Brit], brass [Brit], moola [N. Amer], mazuma [US], dosh [Brit]
  4. [Brit] (informal, derogatory) a person whose body or brain has been damaged so that they cannot interact with the surrounding environment
    - vegetable
Verb: cabbage  ka-bij
  1. Make off with belongings of others
    - pilfer, purloin, pinch [Brit], abstract, snarf [N. Amer], swipe, hook, sneak, filch [informal], nobble [Brit], lift, snatch, whip [Brit], nick [Brit, informal]
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