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Accord Definition

Verb: accord  u'kord

  1. Go well together
    "The colours don't accord";
    - harmonize, harmonise [Brit], consort, concord, fit in, agree
  2. Let have; give the right to; give the opportunity or permission to
    "Mandela was accorded few visitors in prison";
    - allow, grant, allot
Noun: accord  u'kord
  1. Harmony of people's opinions, actions or characters
    "the two parties were in accord";
    - agreement, concert
  2. Concurrence of opinion
    "we are in accord with your proposal";
    - conformity, accordance
  3. A written agreement between two states or sovereigns
    "they signed a nonaggression accord";
    - treaty, pact
  4. Sympathetic compatibility
  5. (law) an agreement between parties
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