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WAGs Definition

Abbreviation: WAGs

  1. Wifes and girlfriends (especially of a sportsman)
Noun: wag  wag
  1. A witty amusing person who makes jokes
    - wit, card
  2. Causing to move repeatedly from side to side
    - waggle, shake
  3. [UK] A wife or girlfriend of a professional sportsman, esp. one that likes to appear in public or travel with them
Verb: wag (wagged,wagging)  wag
  1. Move from side to side
    "The happy dog wagged his tail";
    - waggle
  2. [Austral, NZ] Play truant from work or school
    "The boy often wags";
    - bunk off [Brit], play hooky [N. Amer], skive, bunk [Brit], truant, play truant, mitch [Ireland]
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