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Tang Definition

Noun: tang  tang

  1. A tart spicy quality
    - nip, piquance, piquancy, piquantness, tanginess, zest
  2. The taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth
    - relish, flavor [US], flavour [Brit, Cdn], sapidity, savor [US], savour [Brit, Cdn], smack, nip
  3. A common rockweed used in preparing kelp and as manure
    - bladderwrack, black rockweed, bladder fucus, Fucus vesiculosus
  4. Brown algae seaweed with serrated edges
    - serrated wrack, Fucus serratus
  5. Any of various coarse seaweeds
    - sea tang
  6. Any of various kelps especially of the genus Laminaria
    - sea tangle
Noun: Tang  tang
  1. The imperial dynasty of China from 618 to 907
    - Tang dynasty
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